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The famous race video kindly YouTube'd by Will Neill - Stanbury Splash Race Video 2011.



Fellrunner magazine article Spring 2011

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2011 Details


Sunday 23rd Jan 2011. FRA Category BM race. Starts 11.30 a.m. 7m/1200' from Penistone Hill Country Park, nr Haworth, Keighley, W.Yorks. (GR 025364). 3.50. Teams (3) free. PM. Over 18. Records: 41.53 I.Holmes 2006; f. 49.01 N. White 2006. All finishers will receive a Soreen malt loaf, and there's a Mountain of Malty Treats to give away! Plus Free coffee and biscuits.

Course as last year - Google Map.

SOREEN JUNIOR QUARRY RUNS (R). CS. 10.30 a.m. from Penistone Hill Country Park, near Haworth, Keighley, W.Yorks. (GR 025364). 1. PM. U8 (over 6), 0.5m/100'; U10/U12/U14, 1m/150'; U16, 2m/300'. Records: U8 2.53 M. Crorken 2009; f. 2.47 L. McGuinness 2006: U10 7.12 P. Done 2007; f. 7.46 A. Parkinson 2007: U12 6.15 R. Addison 2005; f. 7.22 R. Hellawell 2006: U14 5.56 M. Wharton 2010; f. 6.44 C. Robertson 2007: U16 11.31 T. Sessford 2007; f. 12.29 A. Mason 2004. All finishers receive a "Soreen Junior Squidgy Power Goody Bag"! Prizes for best fancy dress. Free coffee and biscuits for parents.