Photo Policy

We have always enjoyed taking photos of runners and sharing those photos with the runners, and hope you enjoy them.

Please remember that the copyright of a photograph belongs to the photographer, and publishing our photos here, on Google Plus, or anywhere else does not change that.

If there is a photo of you here then please feel free to take a copy. The photos are low resolution for the WWW but hopefully useful for most purposes. If you really need a higher resolution copy then contact us and we'll do what we can (no promises, as it it obviously takes time to do this for you, and we are generally pretty busy).

If you see your photo on this site and you're really unhappy about it, contact us and we'll consider removing it.

If you are NOT the subject of the photo and you're planning on taking a copy, then you should only do that with our permission.
Once you have this permission, you should acknowledge the photographer and the source as a matter of courtesy and also as a necessary measure to help prevent people wrongly copying the photo from your web site/publication.

We try not to name children in photographs, and we remove children's race numbers from race results published on this web site.