Soreen Stanbury Splash 2008

A good race (Sun 27 Jan 2008), with over 280 runners led in by Ian Holmes. In the junior Quarry Runs, there were nearly 40 Under-8's, and 80 other juniors.


As an Adobe PDF file here.

The famous race video kindly YouTube'd by Will Neill - Stanbury Splash Race Video 2008.


David Brett's photos are on

Dave Woodhead's photos here:
junior Quarry Runs photos, senior race.

Paul's photos here: junior Quarry Runs photos and senior race.

Charlotte Jacobs had some great pictures of the chocolate throw-out after the junior prizegiving here: here.

Tim Done's photos : here.

Michael Fryer's photos : here.


News clipping

YouTube Video!


Click here for a Google map of the 2008 senior course.

FRA Forum thread on the race

Special treats for the 1st 200 entries

Great news from Soreen!

To celebrate 25 years of this race, the first 200 entries in the senior race will get a box of 10 (TEN!) delicious snack malt loaf slices! That's in addition to the free Soreen malt loaf for every runner that has made this race famous. Malt-tastic!!

And have the kids been left out? No! They'll get an EXTRA SPECIAL GOODY BAG including a fold-up Soreen frisbee, 3 Malt Loaf snacks, a Soreen Go bar, a Curlie Wurlie or tube of Smarties, as well as all the usual crisps, lollies, etc! (Kids only!)