Soreen Stanbury Splash 2009


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The now 43 year old Ian Holmes left the other 305 contenders in his wake on a day of what could be termed as Spring-like conditions up on Penistone Hill. The best thing to come out of Switzerland since cuckoo clocks and chocolate, Sabine Hauswirth, continued with her winning runs in England.
The junior Soreen races saw 21 more competitors than last year, making it 141 to toe the line this time, and tackle the very muddy bottom of Penistone quarry. Let's hope some of these juniors tuck in to their malt loaves, like 14 times senior winner Ian Holmes does, then the future of fell running will be awesome. A very big thank you must go to Soreen for their support, which is very much appreciated by all the runners who have competed in this race for the last 26 years, long may it continue.


The famous race video kindly YouTube'd by Will Neill - Stanbury Splash Race Video 2009.


David Brett's photos,

Dave's photos: senior race, Quarry Runs.

Paul's photos: senior race, Quarry Runs.

Tony Crosland's photos here.

Michael Fryer's photos: here.


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The 2009 Soreen Stanbury Splash was on Sunday 25th January.

FRA Category BM race. Starts 11.30 a.m. 7m/1200' from Penistone Hill Country Park, nr Haworth, Keighley, W.Yorks. (GR 025364). 3.50. Teams (3) free. PM. Over 18. Records: 41.53 I.Holmes 2006; f. 49.01 N. White 2006. All finishers will receive a Soreen Maltloaf and a Soreen Go Bar. Free coffee and biscuits.

The Sun Inn, where we normally have the presentation of prizes, is under refurbishment. They were going to open up for us, but it's just not possible. So we will be going to the Kings Arms, just 100 yards away at the top of the main street in Howarth. Please park in the normal places, and we can use the Sun Inn car park, and it will be signed from there. The Kings Arms will be laying on free chilli (with a veggie chilli option).

Google Map of the senior course here.

SOREEN JUNIOR QUARRY RUNS (R). CS. 10.30 a.m. from Penistone Hill Country Park, near Haworth, Keighley, W.Yorks. (GR 025364). 1. PM. U8 (over 6), 0.5m/100'; U10/U12/U14, 1m/150'; U16, 2m/300'. Records: U8 2.58 B. Cheetham 2006; f. 2.47 L. McGuinness 2006: U10 7.12 P. Done 2007; f. 7.46 A. Parkinson 2007: U12 6.15 R. Addison 2005; f. 7.22 R. Hellawell 2006: U14 6.05 N. Gould 2005; f. 6.44 C. Robertson 2007: U16 11.31 T. Sessford 2007; f. 13.35 A. Wheatman 2004. All finishers receive a "Soreen Maltloaf Goody Bag", including a Curly Wurly, Monster Munches, Certificate, Soreen Go bar, and a Soreen mini-malt with Disney Collectors card. Free coffee and biscuits for parents.

Latest: fancy dress competition for juniors with Selection Boxes for the best 6,
and a Prize Draw for all juniors, with prizes including Selection Boxes; box of Creme Eggs; and a Giant Jar of 420!! Fizzy Flying Saucers!.

(PS Don't forget the 2008 and Archive links above for stuff from previous years: results, photos, etc.)